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Facility/Event Request Form

Please complete this form to request reservation of space and facilitation of an event.

  • Please make your request a minimum of 5 days in advance of the event.
  • If your request requires additional resources and features beyond what is available in the room then please submit event request at least 21 days in advance of the event.
  • For faculty requests this form must be submitted by appropriate Department Chair.
  • All student requests must be sponsored by a recognized student club or organization or a faculty/staff member.

Please note that completion and submittal of this form is not a reservation. The scheduler will contact you when approval of the room request or event is confirmed. Upon approval of the event you will be required to complete Help Desk Tickets for event needs.

If you have questions or concerns you may contact scheduling at scheduling@cwidaho.cc

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Event Information

Name of Event:*
Approx # of Attendees:*
Event Type:*  
Description of Event:*
Event Occurence:*
One Time
HINT: Event occurrs one time only.
Recurring - Regular Schedule
HINT: Event Occurs on a schedule, same day of the week or month each time it occurs.
Recurring - Irregular Schedule
HINT: Event Occurs on an irregular schedule, you need to enter various random dates.

Location Preferences

Location Preference:*
Room Preference:
HINT: Most rooms are equipped with data projector, PC, screen & internet access
If requesting a computer lab, are any of the expected participants not affiliated with CWI?    
Off-Campus Location:    

Event Requestor Information

*Form must be submitted by the faculty advisor for a student club/organization sponsored event.

Name:* Student?:*
Phone:* Cell:
Email:* Department or Organization:*
Club: Faculty Advisor:
Event Lead:*  
Event Leads are chosen to represent each area of the college and are available to assist you with your request. Please choose an Event Lead type that represents your area. You may be contacted by the appropriate Event Lead with questions or concerns. If you are not a CWI employee or student please choose "External Requestor" as your Event Lead.

Event Representative (on site during event)

HINT: Who will be the designated event representative who will be onsite during the event?

Cell Phone:*


Event Resources

Please mark necessary resources for your event, once your event date is confirmed with scheduling please submit Help Desk tickets for resources and features.
Facilities: If your event requires additional items outside of CWI inventory these items must be reserved by Event Requestor, and rental charges may apply.

Table Arrangement:
HINT: Enter the total number of tables and chairs needed for the event.
Tables - Number of:
Chairs - Number of:
Setup Needs:
Theater    Classroom    Meeting    Hollow   
Square    U Shape   Other    Describe:

Other Facilities Needs:
HINT: Miscellaneous other event needs.
Garbage Detail (if outside event, BFI trash bins available)
Reserved Parking
Attendant needed for VIP reserved parking
Attendant(s) needed for traffic control
Will there be Rented Equipment?
Provide details of set-up here:

Food Service

Will there be food available?
NOTE: Food available onsite during an event must be commercially prepackaged or provided by a licensed food vendor.

AV / IT Needs

Charges may apply if equipment is not available in reserved space and is transported in.
NOTE: Most rooms are equipped with data projector, PC, screen & internet access

I will be using my own laptop.
I will need internet access.
I need access to the classroom console.
I need additional AV / IT equipment for this event other than what is normally provided.

Business Office

Need a cash box?

Are there any contracts or payments to vendors?
HINT: A contract is required for any external event on CWI property

Will there be fundraising, tickets sales or cash handling at this event? Explain:

Enrollment and Student Services

Admissions Advisor Needed on-site
HINT: You would like to request a CWI Admissions Advisor be on site to handle recruitment.
Admissions materials
EXAMPLES: Overview brochure, course catalog, program guide, workforce development program guide, community education class schedule, credit class semester schedule, program data sheets

Communications & Marketing

Check the communication medium(s) that you would like to utilize to publicize/communicate your event:
Flier - Templates on portal
Invite - Template on portal
News from CWI (external newsletter) - send content to communications@cwidaho.cc
Student Newsletter - send content to adriansanmiguel@cwidaho.cc
Website Headline
Check the event display materials you will need for this event:
Event Display Materials
CWI Pull-Up Banners
4 x 8 Vinyl Banner
Tabletop Display
CWI Table Drape
CWI Customized Game Wheel
Additional marketing resources:
CWI Powerpoint (available on portal)
I would like to request an event photographer

Event Categories

Please choose one or more categories:
HINT: Categories help users find the kinds of events they are interested in.

Additional Comments

Hint: You may want to print this form for your records before submitting.